Playout Automation

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    wTVision's playout automation solutions were designed to deliver flexibility when it comes to managing the complex environment of a Master Control Room.

    As an automation system, ChannelMaker stands side by side with other operational processes. Therefore, wTVision created a suite of support components that assure a flawless workflow of your TV channel, such as ingest of media, traffic and storage systems, media asset management, and much more.

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    ChannelMaker is a flexible playout system prepared to be totally configured to suit your specific playout requirements.


    ChannelMaker Sequencer is a schedule creation tool providing sophisticated options and rules that turn the management of your TV Channel's rundowns very easy. You can also import playlists from external traffic systems and then edit these playlists on ChannelMaker Sequencer.

    Videos and Graphics Playout

    ChannelMaker Playout controls the playout of videos and graphics according to the rundown properties defined previously. This application works close with wTVision Media Playout Server, the video server from wTVision designed to meet your channel's storage needs.


    • COMPLETE INTEGRATION. ChannelMaker easily integrates with third-party broadcast devices. We can integrate our systems into your existing infrastructure or we can create your channel from scratch. This high standard of flexibility offers a world of possibilities. You can change your existing playout system to our ChannelMaker, leveraging your broadcast equipment, or build your new TV Channel with your favorite brands of video servers, MAM systems, video mixers and router, GPIO controllers, graphics platforms, among others
    • CLEVER GRAPHICS. wTVision helps you achieving an efficient broadcast operation with the minimal manual intervention possible. Unlike other playout automation systems in the market, with ChannelMaker, your media and graphics are completely integrated, so that the graphics system knows all about your rundown and its meaning. Therefore, ChannelMaker can generate automatic Program Guides and Now/Next graphics with no integration effort
    • SAFE BROADCAST. A single failure in your workflow might mean a costly break in your broadcast. To help assure a flawless workflow to your Channel, we developed media validation tools that will bring security and comfort to your TV channel
    • VERSATILE ARCHITECTURE. We build channels of any size. ChannelMaker can be delivered as a channel-in-a-box, a multi-system solution or an advertising insertion tool. Our software developers will fully customize ChannelMaker to your specific automation, offering a global solution for the whole workflow

    ChannelMaker is ideal for:

    • 24/7 TV Channels - National and regional broadcasters, thematic channels, community television, barker channels…
    • Ad-Insertion - Channels and distributors that want to manage local advertising breaks
    • Corporate Channels - Organizations that want to have an internal channel (banks, hospitals, shopping centers, pharmacies, airports…)

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