Playout Automation

Welcome to our TV Channel Factory!


ChannelMaker-in-a-Box is a simplified playout solution that fits inside a single system. Everything you’ll need to manage your TV channel in a single box, prepared to be fully customized according to your technical specifications.

ChannelMaker-in-a-Box includes the core structures needed for your playout automation:

  • Scheduling Management
  • Playout Control
  • Video Server
  • Graphics Controller
  • Media Tools
  • Reporting Tools

Our channel in a box solution was designed to accommodate your current requirements and provide scalability for the future.

Main Features

  • Integrated sequencer and playout provides completely autonomous operation
  • Ingest and playout simultaneously using integrated ingest
  • Licensable for SD or HD
  • Includes wTVision's video server playing all major codecs (H264/AVC Pro, MJPEG, DVC Pro 25/50/HD, DNxHD)
  • Supports your choice of integrated 3D graphics and character generator from Harris Broadcast, Ross Video or VRi Technologies in the same box, providing a standardized way of designing graphics templates
  • Support external GPI triggers or output your own
  • Can be pared with mirror system for redundancy with automatic or manual failover
  • Includes media validation tools which checks for file errors or durations inconsistency in source media playout logging and error reporting
  • Controls third-party broadcast hardware devices for custom integrations