Playout Automation

Welcome to our TV Channel Factory!

Digital Signage

With our Digital Signage solution you can create and manage a completely customized TV channel.

Examples of Digital Signage projects:

  • Corporate Channel - Communicate with your stakeholders, customers and employees using a TV channel.
  • Advertising TV - Add an additional revenue source by leveraging advertising in your displays while showing your products and services (e.g. shopping centers, pharmacies).
  • Entertainment TV - Entertain your customers during waiting times (e.g. hospitals).
  • Information Spots - Keep your clients or employees updated (e.g. airports).

With Channel Maker you can explore several ways to communicate with your audience:

  • News (Title, text and picture)
  • Weather Report (Basic weather information)
  • Slide shows (Presentation several images in a slide show format)
  • Videos (Play videos in full screen or in PIP - Picture in Picture)
  • Events Shedule (Create and schedule events)
  • Ticker (Horizontal moving text line at the bottom of the screen)
  • Leads (Text with information as a support to images and videos)
  • Games (display results and draw of games and fortune games)
  • Promotion (promotion of events, e.g. cultural events)
  • SMS (real-time chat service for television broadcast)
  • Integration with other external information sources