Election Coverage

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Elections Overview

Elections CG is the ideal solution to generate broadcast graphics in real-time during electoral events.

wTVision has more experience in election coverage than any other company in the world having provided a broadcast graphics service in over 100 individual election nights!

We'll work in close partnership with television broadcasters to build the best solution that fits their needs and budgets to achieve the best audiences ever!

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  • We integrate with the major on-air graphics engines in the market
  • We offer an end-to-end service (data, graphics and operation services), always innovating
  • We integrate third-party technologies for more dynamic presentations
  • We work with client’s existing infrastructure or we bring our own
  • Our software adapts to electoral events of all kinds
  • Our solutions are language agnostic and include scripting and right-to-left languages
  • Our Commentator application supports journalists with electoral real-time results
  • Our team of creative designers, programmers and project managers work together to provide our clients with the best possible coverage


  • Real-time broadcast graphics in different formats (e.g. tickers, maps boards, charts…)
  • Data import from multiple sources simultaneously for redundancy such as FTP accounts, web services and official websites
  • Implementation and operational service
  • Graphics design and implementation
  • Integration with third-party interactive technologies: virtual graphics & virtual sets, augmented reality, touch screens, tablets, social networks, among others
  • New media solutions: dedicated websites, over-the-tops solutions, among others

Watch our RTP Portuguese Global Elections 2015 Case Study.