Election Coverage

We Build Colorful Solutions

Interactive Solutions

From virtual graphics that enhance the viewers experience to mobile devices with powerful control capabilities, we’re able to provide a wide array of technological improvements, enriching your electoral event.

Touch Screens

Interactive touch screen solutions gives the hosts full control while commenting on the electoral results. During the Election Night, journalists use wTVision’s technology and large touch screens, allowing them to decide which graphics to display, exploring different perspectives and scenarios of the electoral outcome and the new political picture, resulting in a more attractive and dynamic presentation.

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Mobile Devices

wTVision can integrate mobile control devices, such as iPads, to give a higher degree of freedom to the anchor person responsible for the presentation.

With this device it’s possible to control full screen graphics, Led Walls or virtual graphics.

We can use this technology to provide specialized interactive tools for more detailed analysis such as majority coalitions simulations, parliament visualizations and more.

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Augmented Reality

Our team is experienced in the development of augmented reality technology and integrate them during the elections night.

"Without wTVision’s team’s help, it wouldn’t be possible for us to cover these elections. They are a fantastic team, always available and willing to help us to do the best job possible."

Maria José Nunes, RTP’s information production sub-Director (Portugal)

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Virtual Sets

wTVision’s team design 360º virtual sets for your electoral night.

"During the special broadcast of the 2007 autonomic elections in Spain, we had an audience share record of 45% in Galicia. The work developed by wTVision was crucial to achieve this goal"

Roberto Cid, News Director TVG - Televisión de Galicia (Spain)