Playout Automation

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Media Management Tools

As an automation system, ChannelMaker stands side by side with other operational processes. wTVision developed a suite of media tools to support TV channels' automation workflow, such as ingest of media, traffic and storage systems, media asset management, validation tools, and much more.


  • Allows simultaneous recordings from VTRs or live sources
  • Supports automated workflows as well as manual operation
  • Previews ingest processes simultaneously with audio bars
  • Levels audio automatically
  • Manages waiting lists for accessing VTRs
  • Simultaneously ingests up to 4 HD inputs per system
  • Encodes your videos in the most popular formats (DV25, DV50, DV100, XDCAM HD 50, h264...)
  • Supports EDL lists

wTVision Media Trimmer allows you to cut videos in segments, enabling you to extract clips from the most used video files formats. Videos can also be virtually trimmed in multiple part segments. Instead of clipping and trimming massive video files and having to re-save them to disk, wTVision Media Trimmer virtualizes this process making a multi-segment clip available to playout in mere seconds, optimizing the storage usage.


ChannelMaker integrates with wTVision Media Manager (MAM). This system adds power to your production workflow, mainly on the following processes: editing metadata, keeping track of all available videos and its location across the network and managing files transfer requests.


wTVision Media Manager receives videos from ingest stations and automatically stores technical information of the file such as duration, audio channels, codecs and file sizes, or it receives metadata introduced manually, by users, such as titles, keywords, and content description.


wTVision Media Manager allows users to search clips, stored on the central storage, directly from ChannelMaker, enabling them to sequence any media availabe on the network into its plylist directly. It will also keep thumbnails / filmstrips and low-res versions tied to the original clips.


  • wTVision Media Checker makes sure videos are in-place before their time to be aired comes.
  • wTVision Media Validator guarantees the video file is valid and has the expected duration, detecting media corruption problems and inconsistencies before they can cause havoc on-air.
  • wTVision Media Transfer Manager makes sure the content is available in its intended destinations on time. This application "receives alerts" from wTVision Media Checker and wTVision Media Validator, searches for content in the storage or other network locations, and copies it automatically to playout servers. If media cannot be found, the user is alerted to an irresolvable issue in the playlist to be fixed manually.