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Formed in 2001, wTVision is one of the main real-time on-air graphics and playout automation players providing solutions for the broadcasting industry. Our extremely flexible solutions interface with all major graphics engines on the market, video servers, data sources, touch devices, virtual solutions, and many other external technologies.

wTVision provides software development, graphics design & branding, HR outsourcing and live operation services.

The quality of our services are ensured by the vast experience, summing more than 25 000 live broadcast projects in more than 40 countries including from small one-­time broadcasts to whole season championships.

Regarding graphics, we have solutions for sports, news, election coverage and entertainment programs. For MCR workflows, the company's offering revolves around its playout automation system, ChannelMaker, and a whole suite of applications to perform related activities such as media management, trim, ingest, logging, reporting for a complete solution to produce a 24/7 broadcast channel.

Today, we have solid footing in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, starting also to have an important role in Africa.

With offices in Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Arab United Emirates, India and USA, and more than 250 specialists around the globe, wTVision has plans to extend its international presence in several markets, with a special focus in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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