Sports Solutions

Ready, Set, Graphics!


wTVision is a leading company providing sports statistics and real-time graphics coverage for more than 40 different sports, worldwide. 

We can work on a service-model basis, covering ourselves all steps of a live broadcast, in close partnership with client, or we can sell our products which are available in two versions - Standard editions and Single operation editions

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We’ll give you a small description of the “services chain” of an end-to-end coverage


Our experienced Designers create graphics concepts according to our customers’ identity and preferences. wTVision has created over 200 graphics concepts since its inception. Check our video reel HERE


After having created the branding concept or just received it from client, our graphics specialists implement the graphics using a partner’s graphic platform. We work with the major brands in the market such as Vizrt, Orad, Chyron, Ross Video, VRi, among others. 

The next step is to integrate these graphics on our software. Our products have two main integrated applications: the data gathering system and the graphics controller, the application that controls the graphic engine, chosen for the project, and with which the client, or our operators, will manage the graphics during the sport event. 


We have dedicated products for over 40 different sports that may be configured for each specific requirement. 

One typical customization what we need to do is to prepare our software to receive external data coming from official data providers or third-party equipments

We can also customize the list of actions you can collect on a game and the graphics templates available on the system. 

In some sports, we can also integrate our software with virtual graphics


When everything is ready, it’s time to go to the field, set up all the equipment and start the coverage! 

Every wTVision's team assigned to a project contains one or several Sports Analysts. These professionals are experts on a given sport, having extensive knowledge about its rules and handling data gathering (making themselves with our scouting systems or coordinating the work in case of there be an external provider) and the graphics playout procedures during live broadcasts, ensuring that the precise information goes on-air at the right moment. 

wTVision can bring all equipment needed to cover your event. The operational service can be made in the sport venue, if needed, using wTVision’s HD Graphics OB-Vans or in studio environment (in client facilities).