Branding & Graphics Design

Our designers develop creative custom-made graphics for a huge variety of TV Programs. These graphics are then integrated in wTVision’s solutions.

We work on Graphics Look-and-Feel solutions according to our customer’s image and preferences.

wTVision’s experience in developing creative also includes Virtual Sets or 3D Video Animations.

Operation Services

wTVision’s experience includes thousands of live events coverage.

We provide our customers specialized operators to cover, together with client, any kind of live TV Program. This coverage may include:

  • Sports events, such as Football Championships, Bike tours, Poker Tournament, among many other sports coverage
  • Entertainment programs where our staff take care of all graphics and also help with game mechanics
  • Election night coverage, where our staff ensures that the data is running smoothly and graphics go on-air on the precise time.
One of the huge advantages of this service is that our staff can go anywhere in the globe to cover a TV program during a determined time and when the program is over, our staff will come back, saving a lot of time and worries to our clients.

HR Outsourcing

wTVision also provides Outsourcing Services. This service applies mainly to two different situations:

Live Studio - We offer live studio programs service with CG Operators that will manage the information and the graphics to go on-air.

Master Control Room – Our specialized staff also manage a complete 24/7 TV Channel. Their tasks may include: playlists management, checking audio levels, gaps in the image, subtitling, programming frameworks, logo insertion, graphics management, ingest, among others.


wTVision is the ideal technology partner to advise and support broadcasters and audiovisual producers in real-time on-air graphics and playout automation related solutions.

Our Development Team and Programmers thrill to be challenged by our customers at all times.

As a multivendor platform player that integrates different graphics platforms and third-parties technologies with its own solutions, our main goal is to offer customers a wider range of options and more flexible solutions.

Our Consulting Service is usually part of a global solution or project.