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Studio CG

wTVision's PCR Solutions cover the major issues of a live production center including Real-time Graphics CoverageVideo Playout and Newsroom System Integration as well as other PCR support applications such as: Ingest, Media Asset Management, Transcoding.



Studio CG is a powerful graphics and video controller, ideal for studio productions (news, sports, entertainment...). It controls both your real-time graphics platform and your video server, allowing you to play videos as well as graphics from a single integrated environment. This lightweight application enables operators to prepare and manage an entire TV show from a laptop.

Graphics Platforms and Video Servers Integration

Studio CG
 controls all major graphic engines in the market (Vizrt, ORAD, Ross Video, Chyron…) as well as video servers (wTVision Media Playout Server or any industry’s video server).
Studio CG

On-Air Graphics

After your designers create the graphics templates, using your graphics platform’s existing design tool, Studio CG detects the data entry fields, creating intuitive data entry forms, for manual input. This saving process lets you create new graphics templates with the simplicity and freedom you need for your everyday operations.

Intelligent scenes manager system: The Intelliflow

Studio CG possesses an advanced intelligent scenes system that enables you to visually define the way you want your graphics to interact and to automatically choose the right animations to play based on what's already on-screen. This system avoids inadvertently having your graphics clashing. It also allows multiple graphics to display simultaneously with no operator effort. Intelliflow will know exactly when to take out a graphic.

Newsroom systems integration

Studio CG integrates with a growing list of newsroom control systems, including iNEWS and ENPS.

Studio CG ActiveX allows journalists to sequence graphics and video clips into their show’s rundown using graphic templates from Studio CG.

These rundowns will be instantly available for playout on Studio CG via wTVision's MOS Gateway.

Preview option

Studio CG Preview Server provides the journalist with a final format preview of their content, to ensure that the final composition looks pixel-perfect. This server will serve multiple journalists simultaneously and provide updated screenshots every time a change is made directly in the familiar newsroom application’s interface.

Data Integration

Data can be introduced from different places and with different processes:

  • Manual Data Entry

  • Newsroom Systems

  • External Data Sources (XML, RSS, TXT, CSV...)

  • Social Network Feeds - Go Social allows you to receive posts from twitter, facebook, instagram and review and edit them. These feeds (text and images) get imported as playlists to be controlled by Studio CG.

  • Download Manager - Go Get is a user friendly tool that creates tasks to continually import information from external online sources e.g. financial, sports, weather.

Data Integration

Multiple outputs managment

With Studio CG, multiple sources of video may be queued and played out to separate destinations simultaneously from a single point of operation.

Entertainment Programs

Studio CG may be entirely customized for your special events and entertainment programs.

As a very flexible software, with over 100 plugins, Studio CG is ready for any challenge, even if we are talking about a complete TV Show, with a deep level of integration and automation, that includes graphics, lights, sound, voting systems, timers or whatever you want to add!

Sports Coverage

For sports studio coverage (World Cup, Olympic Games...) we can include:

  • SportStats Center, a database system which manages and stores all sports related data and statistics

  • Sports Commentator to provide live and updated statistics and reports, allowing a more detailed and in-depth analysis for your broadcast

  • Telestration tools - Through our partners’ technology, you can make more dynamic presentations by creating and controlling graphic objects such as arrows, lines and offside lines. 2D or tied to the field telestration is available

  • Play analysis tool - you can use more sophisticated tools to highlight the action as 3D analysis to recreate each play, where 3D players replace real players in a virtual stadium, enabling a more in-depth analysis from any angle, in real-time.


To help you to cover your studio programs, wTVision can provide a “turn-key solution/service” that might include:

  • Studio CG

  • Graphics design & implementation

  • Graphics templates turn-key package (with official competition graphics, for example)

  • Specialized operators to manage the graphics and video operations

  • All hardware needed

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