Sports Solutions

Ready, Set, Graphics!

Technology Integration

Timers, Scorebords, GPS, Tracking Systems, Virtual Graphics, you name it! Sports broadcasts have never been so technologically complex. To enrich your broadcast, we integrate SportStats CG with third-party technologies allowing you to offer intuitive and insightful information to sport fans!

wTVision's programmers integrate all kinds of equipments for several functions:

  • Data management (databases, servers, webservices, files: xml, xls, txt, etc.)
  • Data gathering (tracking systems)
  • Graphic enhancement (virtual graphics)
  • Positioning and clocks (GPS, timers)
  • Graphics platforms (CG engines)
  • Identification systems (RFID systems)
  • Other technology/equipment 

Virtual Graphics

Examples of virtual graphics for a football game:

  • Distance between the ball and the goal
  • Distance between the ball and the free kick wall
  • Offside lines
  • Ball Speed
  • Team logos, with match results

Tracking Systems

wTVision creates graphics that display the tracking systems collected data in a colorful way. These graphics can portrait information such as:

  • Positioning data of the ball
  • Participants (players and referees) within the field
  • Performance data
  • Speed profiles
  • Pass accuracy
  • Accumulated distances and coverage maps