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After a project is complete, we ask our clients to share their feedback on the service offered. Here are a few appreciated remarks for each of our areas of activity. 

"I've been working with wTVision team for more than a decade and we’ve always needed a robust, efficient and reliable integration between live streaming data and our broadcast graphics during election nights. The outcome has been, once again, absolutely astonishing. wTVision’s efforts are always amazing, as well as the results!""
José Alberto Carvalho, Head of News at TVI (Portugal)

"wTVision worked for TVG in a serious, fast and efficient way. Its professionals had a very pro-active approach, providing ideas and solutions to improve our broadcast, demonstrating a good adapting ability in addressing the last-minutes changes required by our journalists. No technical problem took place during the data reception. We believe that the result was very satisfactory and our information’s quality was not compromised."
Fernando Ojea, Communications Director at TV Galicia (Spain)

"This is how we like to work, following the continual data stream and warming up the political scenario."
Antonio Ferreras, laSexta Director (Spain)

"I don’t know how wTVision accomplishes this, but our data appeared faster than the official results displayed in the electoral commission’s website! We’re very happy with the results!"
César González, laSexta Information and Sports Director (Spain)

"wTVision demonstrated a great capacity of adaptation, giving ideas and providing a clean, clear and reliable transmission. In short, an excelent job."
Germán Sanz, Head of filmmaking in Aragon TV (Spain)

"Without wTVision’s team’s help, it wouldn’t be possible for us to cover these elections. They are a fantastic team, always available and willing to help us to do the best job possible."
Maria José Nunes, RTP’s information production sub-Director (Portugal)

"During the special broadcast of the 2007 autonomic elections in Spain, we had an audience share record of 45% in Galicia. The work developed by wTVision was crucial to achieve this goal."
Roberto Cid, News Director TVG - Televisión de Galicia (Spain)


"wTVision did an outstanding job with our broadcast graphics for the 2010 Rip Curl Pro Portugal surfing contest. That event really set the benchmark for broadcast production across the entire ASP World Tour and wTVision's enthusiasm for the job was a key factor."
Dane Sharp, International Media Manager at Rip Curl (Australia)

"It was awesome working with you. You've got a great system! Made our production all that much better! Looking forward to working with you again too mate!"
Michael Fardell, Screecraft (Australia)

"At Quiksilver we have been executing live webcasts of our major events for almost the entire last decade. The Quiksilver and Roxy Pros Gold Coast 2012 edition was perhaps our best live production yet. We had an experienced crew and an important element for us is the graphics we had created by wTVision. Now that we are not purely webcast but also broadcast the professional experience wTVision brings is a key factor in our live production success. The broadcast networks that take our content demand professional production and wTVision customise our needs per event so we are constantly improving."
Mark Warren, Quiksilver (Australia)

"I’ve been a client from wTVision since the beginning of 2011 and I'm impressed by the services’ quality and the on-air graphics provided. wTVision is definitely ahead of the competition and the dedication that its co-workers have, combined with the graphics and animations superior quality, assures that the result goes beyond our expectations. I recommend wTVision for being a serious company with a competent and intelligent staff, state-of-the-art technology, and a keen sense for understanding the client’s needs which greatly helps accomplish a successful project."
Rodrigo de Araújo, Managing Director at Revolution Broadcast (Brazil)

“The WTVision team has shown unparalleled dedication in helping with the creation and execution of our graphics package for the WSL tour. Their operators work very hard to not only execute graphics, but also add value by understanding our sports".
Jason Rem, WSL Producer


"We are proud to have led the first on-air graphics broadcast production of a Poker tournament in real-time in Europe. wTVision was a crucial partner in supporting us achieving this goal, by developing creative graphics, gathering and broadcasting the statistics and graphics in real-time during the World Heads Up Poker Championship..."
Othmar Valzachi, General Manager, Sports Tv Production International (Austria)


"[wTVision´s statistics]...are also important to football´s technical staff, as they portray a more faithful picture of the events, giving them a new reliable tool to base their decisions on."
Hermínio Loureiro, President of the Portuguese Professional Football League (Portugal)
Spanish League

"WorldSport HD is proud to offer its viewers the Game of the Week from the best European soccer league, the Spanish Premiere League! wTVision is a key partner in the gathering and broadcast of our statistics, real-time and in High Definition (HD)."
Mark DeAngelis, VP of Production, WorldSport (USA)

"Media Pro presents worldwide for the first time the 2008-2009 Spanish Football League in High Definition (HD). During this season the whole production will be in high definition (HD), including real-time on-air graphics. We decided to work with wTVision as their long time experience guarantees a high level service."
Gerard Romy, Member of the Board of Media Pro (Spain)

"Belgacom is proud to offer in the next three seasons its viewers live, all matches of the Belgian Football League, the Jupiler Pro League. For the first time we´ll offer 3 games a week in High Definition (HD)."
Didier Lupfer, CEO Skynet iMotion Activities (Belgium)

"...Sport TV broadcasts for the first time the main football league, Liga Sagres 2008-2009, in High Definition (HD), including at least 2 games per game-day. We asked wTVision to develop a creative new graphics look-and-feel and to continue broadcasting in real-time on-air graphics, including virtual graphics, such as distance between free kick barrier and the goal, 9.15 m circle for free-kicks and off-side line detection."
Nuno Ferreira, News and Programs Director Sport TV (Portugal)

“Amazing! I think football can be a great trigger for the development of 3D broadcasting and wTVision proved to be an exquisite pioneer in this area."
Ludwig Sneyers, CEO Pro League (Belgium)

"As a director for the first LIVE 3D match in Belgium you've got to try and let loose everything you're used to in 2D live coverage, this includes the use of graphics. For this match wTVision created a 3D graphics package that (…) worked great for the 3D environment (…) and the most interesting were the team line-up graphics. (…) Everybody in the OB-Van loved it!"
Serge Bellens - Director Belgian Jupiler League at Woestijnvis, Belgacom TV (Belgium)

"The Belgacom game showed that it is crucial that all elements in the production chain should be native 3D. The 3D graphics, produced by WTVision, have proved that graphics on a sports production can really make a difference in the total experience of 3D. 3D also allows the graphic designers to make new and stronger graphics, which gives the viewers the 3D effect, that the broadcaster wants to achieve."
Timo Koch, Managing Director at Outside Broadcast (Belgium)

"Belgacom is proud to have facilitated this 3D premiere and Outside Broadcast delivered a very high "aspirin free" quality. wTVision added to the 3D experience with amazing never seen before graphics. I loved it!"
Daf Van Campenhout, Head of Sports at Belgacom TV (Belgium)


wTVision supported Televisão Pública de Angola with much success in gathering and broadcasting of statistics in real-time of the CAN Handball Tournament, which took place in January 2008 in four Angolan cities."
Tito Júnior, Sub-Director Sports, TPA (Angola)

"wTVision worked hard to launch the US Hispanic TV Network - SOI TV. I’m very pleased to work with this team. Its professionals had a very proactive and efficient approach to the project. Also, the high quality of Studio CG and the huge flexibility of Channel Maker have been crucial for the success of our project!"
Julián Isaac, SOI TV CEO

"wTVision´s fast response and technical high quality service during the special programs of the 2006 World Cup in Germany were important to the success of RTP´s coverage of the event."
Miguel Barroso, Sub-Director RTP (Portugal)

"wTVision worked hard to launch the US Hispanic TV Network - SOI TV. I’m very pleased to work with this team. Its professionals had a very proactive and efficient approach to the project. Also, the high quality of Studio CG and the huge flexibility of Channel Maker have been crucial for the success of our project!"
Julián Isaac, CEO Soi TV (USA)

"Channel maker manages the complete play out of the Belgacom Zoom channels, it controls the playout servers and adds our personalized graphical look and feel. The graphical possibilities are virtually unlimited and flexible to adapt, if needed, for short term campaigns, for example. On top is Channel Maker, a cost efficient tool to work with, since one produced clip can be “packed” on all possible ways and, by doing so, it cuts down the postproduction time and cost enormously."
Chris Proesmans, Production Manager at Belgacom TV (Belgium)

"wTVision’s Channel Maker is a user-friendly channel managing tool that gives an efficient control over my channels, assuring an optimization of resources. Furthermore, because of its automated graphics management feature synchronized with the video, permitted a great cut in time spent on post-production and a decrease in the common mistakes that result from manual data handling."
Carlos Ferreira, General Manager at HotGold (Portugal)